Trees (and Good News)

I like trees. During the weekend I just planted a second apple tree in the yard, right next to the white nectarine tree and the new raspberry bushes placed over the weekend too. I was busy digging holes, so I wasn't able to photograph the moment, so I'll show some other trees I've enjoyed.

The good news (and main reason for this post) is I was asked to do a photo shoot for the Highway Patrol today. It's not every day someone gets asked to shoot police officers! It all goes down Monday, the first of two shoots. I'll probably post the pictures here once the project is done.

This tree was photographed only a few months ago, the others were taken some time ago.
This next one was taken as a thunder storm was passing by. I love the colors and the twisted tree trunk.

Idaho (Part 3)

This is the third and final post of the Idaho pictures (until my next trip). The first part contained photos of people, part 2 had vehicles and finally, this one will show images of buildings (and a couple landscapes because they had no where else to go).
I now see what Katharine Lee Bates meant when she wrote America the Beautiful and included the line "for purple mountain majesties" when I took this and a few other sunset photos: