Shoot for the Stars

During the weekend's road trip there were a couple nights with no moon in the sky. With nice weather I set up a tripod and used my homemade remote to fire away some shots. I set my remote to take pictures continuously, so when I came back about nearly an hour later I would be able to see how much the stars had moved during that time. Here are a few photos.

The Milky Way
Star Trails


I didn't hit Nevada during the last two weeks of road trips, so I decided it was time to go west. I had a few photo hot spots I wanted to visit too. On my way back from Nevada I stopped by the Bonneville Salt Flats as I'd never been before. It was the final day of races there, so I was able to see lots of nice cars and a few trying to break records. I was able to get a few pictures of old cars too.

Road Trippin'

The last two weeks flew by, both in a matter of time and out the car window, as I spent most the time on road trips. Driving through Utah, Wyoming, Montana and to the northern tip of Idaho and back I was able to take a few pictures. Here's just a few:
I was in a sea of yellow while photographing the two above.It didn't bother the elk at all that I was only 15 feet away.The frogs weren't home, but I saw lots of lily pads floating on the water.