Fog and Frost

Last weekend I arose early to get to a location I pass on the way to the office perfect for photographing the sunrise. I packed all my camera gear and was ready to go. As I stepped out of the house I immediately realized I wasn't going to be getting any sunrise pictures with thick fog in the air.

I was already up and itching to take some pictures, so I headed to the spot anyway. Instead of turning east to catch the fog blocking the mountains and the sun and the sky, I turned northwest and snapped this picture:

While walking through the snow out in the middle of no where, I decided to take some pictures of plants using my macro lens to capture the morning frost.


I can't tell you how patient my wife is with my photography habits. Especially when I'm constantly asking her to let me take pictures of her to try new things, places, lenses, tricks, etc. She often hears me asking her to hop in the car with me to check out something with my camera.

Just before the snow hit, we were doing just this. I had a few places in mind I wanted to try some pictures with to see how they turned out. I threw my camera gear in the car and off we went.

Jeremy and Erin

Jeremy and Erin wanted some fall family portraits so we hurried out before the snow came and here's a sample of what we got.