Yellowstone National Park #2

New Lens Test

There's not a better place to test a new lens other than Yellowstone National Park. I recently came across a lens I've been searching for during the last several years.
The lens is a Pentax F* 250-600 f/5.6. It's not a small lens, so a good tripod is needed.

Kids with Cameras in the Wild

Taken with the Pentax MX, Sigma 70-300, and Kodak 400 film.

Spring is Coming...

Taken with a Pentax PZ-1p, FA 28-70/4, and Kodak 200 film.


I went on a trip to Montana last week.


Snowshoeing in Grand Teton National Park

I took a group of photography students with snowshoes to photograph the Mormon Row Barn near the Tetons. There was a lot of snow and it was a difficult walk, but it was worth it.