Recently Developed Film

Many of you already know I enjoy using film. It's not just the characteristics of film providing the experience for me, but more the camera used. My collection of old cameras include many produced from Pentax long ago, some even before I was born. The K1000 was given to me nearly 20 years ago, a simple, yet elegant and beautiful camera creating a long relationship with Pentax products. It still works perfectly and is a pleasure to use.

The joy I get when using the Pentax MX is hard to describe, but it still makes me smile every time. I don't know if it's the LED light meter in the viewfinder moving up and down as I adjust my exposure or the bells and whistles built into such a small package. (Maybe a future post should include a few pictures of my film cameras.)

After just finishing a roll of film recently in the MX I picked up the results last week. Here are a few pictures from the roll.