Recent Portraits

New Lens Test

After acquiring the Pentax FA* 80-200 f/2.8 lens (yes, I'm excited) last week from France I thought I'd share a few of the first pictures from it. Yes, it was shipped from France. This lens is quite rare, and it's been even more difficult to find one in the condition I wanted.

Just in Time for Christmas...

...See some of my photos at the Canyon Gallery, located in the historic Rock Loft in Fruit Heights. Canyon Gallery is a very nice, quaint fine art gallery and they are currently featuring one of my photographs of Santa for Christmas. They have multiple size prints available too!
And here's another one of my photos displayed at the gallery below, visit them and tell me what you think.

A Few More...

While many braved the crowds and tried to avoid getting trampled last night I was enjoying the comfort of my home working on recent photos. Or maybe I had just eaten too much and didn't want to get up...

Weekend Shoot

A Few More

...As promised. It was a fun shoot.

A Father and His Little Girls

They braved the cold weather for a photo shoot last week just before the snow came. More photos from this session will be coming soon...

Using a 36-Year-Old Lens

One of the benefits of my camera system is the ability to use over one million older lenses without any adapters. Pentax has made some pretty nice lenses over the years and with their backward-compatibility it's simple to use some of their nicest lenses from the 70s and other eras on their newest cameras.

Here's an example below from a 36-year-old lens on my camera recently. I don't think it did too bad. What do you think?

Old, Abandoned Buildings

Does anybody else enjoy finding and exploring old abandoned buildings? I try to avoid the haunted ones, but finding new places to investigate is always an exciting discovery, especially if it's a ghost town instead of just one or two buildings.

Anyway, here are some recent treasures from my travels.

New Lens Test

Today's post is about the Pentax DA 15mm f/4 Limited lens. It's small, built really well (all metal, like the other Limited lenses from Pentax), and resists sunlight flare like no other lens. A nice starburst is created when photographing bright lights. See for yourself below. What do you think?


It seems as though I'm often out in the middle of nowhere finding pictures. And just as often it happens to be in Idaho, the only place I know where it's common to park an old school bus in your backyard and a new school bus in your driveway. Idaho is beautiful country. What do you think?

Silly Girls

These are my two silly girls on film- Lyla, 2, and Amelia, 4.


Here's a few from a portrait session with Audrey.