Dan & Heidi

Once upon a time, in a land far away lived a boy named Dan and a girl named Heidi. Well, Dan and Heidi have decided they're getting married. Last night we were able to get a few engagement pictures taken before it was dark, and here they are:
And they lived happily ever after.
The End

New Lenses: Tests

I recently acquired two new lenses. It takes some time to become familiar with a new lens. I'm not yet fully comfortable with these, as more testing is required to find sweet spots, etc. However, when a new lens arrives, I can hardly wait to open the box and try it out. Below are a few test shots.

DA 40mm f/2.8 Limited
DA 17-70mm f/4 SDM

Moose on the Loose

During last weekend camping was the plan. Well, I guess three moose had camping on their agenda too. While in the canyon a momma moose with her twin calves decided they liked our camping spot too, and I wasn't going to say no to a momma moose.
While following them for quite a few hours momma moose was getting used to me being around. The calves weren't too sure about me being so close, but only about 20 feet away I was able to get one of the babies to pose and smile:
After some time of running and playing together, the babies started to get tired:
After a short nap the babies woke up and were ready for a snack. Forgetting I was there, the two calves walked toward me and started eating leaves on nearby trees. I could have reached out and touched them as they walked by, but didn't want to push my luck.