A Recent Roll of Film

This roll of film was just recently developed and I'm excited to share the results. What do you think?

New Lens Test

Acquiring a new lens while down recovering from surgery was really difficult, but patiently waiting paid off. I was recently contacted by the previous owner of this lens in Canada. He wanted to trade it for one of my lenses. I was happy to oblige as I've been wanting this lens for a while; they're not very common since they've been discontinued for some time. Here's the first few shots with the Pentax FA* 24mm f/2 lens attached to my camera.

It's Been a While...

I usually don't say much in my posts and just let my pictures do the talking, but since I've been missing in action for some time I figured I'd let you know where I was. In bed. And physical therapy. I'm still in physical therapy for a while, but I'm getting out of bed now.

I had some extensive knee surgery repairing my meniscus and ACL and I'm on the road to recovery. While in bed late one night, and after the bandages and immobilizer brace was removed from my leg, I saw something moving in my lemon tree on the desk next to the bed. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures thinking when would I be in a situation like this again? Below are some photos and more details. In the coming weeks more posts will be coming, including a new lens test and a few other fun ones.
While watching this spider for a minute a mosquito flew in the open window and landed on the next to the tree. Without hesitation the spider jumped from the leaf to the wall, moved over to the mosquito, grabbed it and started eating the insect.
While stuffing the mosquito in his mouth I moved in a little closer to the spider, probably making it nervous. The spider then jumped to the pot holding the tree where I initially found him.