Mountain Man at Heart

When people ask where I'm from the typical reply comes I was born in a log cabin in the mountains. To those who aren't believers yet I've revisited my birthplace, this time with a camera. It still looks just like I left it as a young child raised in the wild.

I'm a mountain man at heart, and if my job would allow it I'd have a mountain-man-beard to match. Until then I'll have to be content following dress and grooming code. I'd be a happy soul if I could move back and rough it, but my way of life might not be supported by the occupation of mountain man.

I'd live high on the hill, far away from any visitors . . . Wait, maybe I'm confusing myself for a mountain man instead of a hermit.

I could be both.


~*The Miller's*~ | October 21, 2009 at 11:41 AM

haha Derek you're funny! Love the old building pics you hermit!

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